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Benefits and discounts

Here are some benefits for members of the Italo-Cambodian Chamber of Commerce:

  • to minimize the costs of its presence abroad;
  • to create a sophisticated web application in italian, english and cambodian, with detailed descriptions of each company and many pictures of its products;
  • to overcome the great difficulties of communication;
  • to minimize the costs with a flexible structure;
  • to offer competitive services for the promotion of italian firms;
  • to take part in trade fairs;
  • to be assisted by local representative agents;
  • to benefit from legal assistance for signining contracts and agreements;
  • to be supported by a secretarial / telephone service in cambodian language for any contact with local clients;
  • to benefit from assistance of local accountants and tax consultants.

Italian entrepreneurs members of the Italo-Cambodian Chamber of Commerce can take advantage of special discounted rates at the best hotels and restaurants in Cambodia; the list is provided with the membership card.
Against these small and pleasant facilities, the Italo-Cambodian Chamber of Commerce offers its members the most significant advantages at special rates in the following services, however, previously listed:

  • advised by cambodians attorneys;
  • advised by Cambodian accountants;
  • interpreting services;
  • tourist services (ticketing and international air transport in Cambodia);
  • forwarding services;
  • exhibition and trade fairs services;
  • services of representative agents.

All this to support, facilitate and assist the italian entrepreneurs wishing to start or develop a serious plan of exports in Cambodia.