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Secretarial - Telephone Service

A service extremely important, integral part of every packages offered by the Italo-Cambodian Chamber of Commerce, is the secretarial / telephone service in cambodian language; it's the ring of conjunction between the italian company and the potential local customers, a service which enables to overcome the difficulties of communication.

In practice, a phone number with cambodian speakers is dedicated to potential local customers;  in case of interest in italian products displaied in the website of the Italo-Cambodian Chamber of Commerce, they can call and speak their own language.

The secreterial/telephone service in cambodian language does not stop, however, at this point of great importance, because if the italian firm registered with the Cambodian Chamber of Commerce  has need to send emails to cambodian potential clients, can rely on the secretariat for short translations.
Of course, it also provides the opposite service.

If the italian company has need for complex translations, such as contracts, catalogs and documents, the Cambodian Chamber of Commerce is able to provide interpreters and translators at discounted rates.

Ultimately, the secretarial/telephone service in cambodian language, an integral part of all offers made to italian companies, allows you to overcome quickly and successfully all the difficulties that unable business contact and communication from the beginning.