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Silver offer

To join the Italo - Cambodian Chamber of Commerce is extremely important in order to have access to an Asian market very dynamic and able to offer great opportunities to determined businessmen.
To meet and satisfy the most varied entrepreneurs needs, the Italo-Cambodian Chamber of Commerce has developed three different proposals based on some services, which are essential, and many others dependent on the abilities and interests of each company.
To join the Italo-Cambodian Chamber of Commerce is easy, just fill in the form in all its parts, indicating not only the type of offer which is chosen, but also the additional services considered important for the local market.

Silver offer

The company which chooses the first, basic option can benefit from the following services:

  • to be listed, in several languages, in the correspondant list of category, with name, address, phone number and email account;
  • 1 photo;
  • 1 dedicated page which displays, after clicking on the name of the company, the logo and the above mentioned details;
  • assistance, over the telephone, in cambodian language for receiving and transmitting to the company, and vice versa, every inquiries of potential customers in Cambodia.

Despite its extreme convenience and apparent simplicity, this first offer enables excellent visibility; moreover, the telephone assistance in cambodian language and communications through email and skype allow the company to stay in touch not only with the Italo-Cambodian Chamber of Commerce but also with customers.
The page which contains essential information of the company is in italian, english and cambodian to ensure the best result in the initial phase: to be known quickly and easily and by a large number of potential clients in relation to the products or service offered.

The knowledge of english is not very widespread in Cambodia and this is an obstacle; the Italo-Cambodian Chamber of Commerce aims to facilitate the first step of a company wishing to enter this market largely ignored in Italy despite the strategic position of the Country and its considerable potential.

All this, of course, for minimizing every initial costs.