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Why to participate

In the summer of 2012 a group of Italian and cambodian entrepreneurs have decided to give life to the Italo - Cambodian Chamber of Commerce in order to create a structure economically light, to minimize costs, and at the same time effective for a commercial standpoint.

This project was born from the need to be physically present in an area of south-east Asia certainly small but strategically important, being bordered by Laos, Vietnam and Thailand, and economically booming; in fact, as also evidenced by specific and detailed reports attachments, even after a long period of great international economic difficulties, Cambodia will consolidate, at the end of 2012, a remarkable GDP (+6%) in confirmation of the vitality of this country.

The construction industry has long been a driving force for the economy of Cambodia and, despite serious delays caused by the international economic crisis, has never ceased to play its role; this year, then, has begun again to grow and with it all that is connected: from building materials to ceramics and interior decoration in general.

All important sectors where italian companies are the undisputed leaders, both in taste and quality; the opportunities are incalculable but, too often, they are missed.

In the cambodian manufacturing sector operate more than 350.000 employees who are daily engaged in the production of clothing, footwear and accessories.

Also in this case the italian companies producing industrial machinery are many, enjoy great experience and good reputation but are completely absent from the cambodian market.

Agriculture has always played a central role in the economy of Cambodia and, albeit slowly, farms   have also begun to use sophisticated machinery for the various processes, in particular of rice.

Unfortunately, italian companies are not present in the market of manufacturers and suppliers of agricultural equipment and related spare parts.

Even in the field of foodstuffs, Italy is not present with its companies and this despite numerous restaurants run by italians or characterized by our cuisine; except for a few rare appearances, also italian wines remain unknown while those of other Countries have long monopolized the market demonstrating the interest of cambodians for these products.

The one drawn up a brief but significant list of missed opportunities and enormous financial resources incredibly left to companies of other Countries.

On the other hand, the italian economy flounders desperately gripped by a slow burocracy and an intollerable tax burden.

The Italo-Cambodian Chamber of Commerce has been founded by a group of entrepreneurs no longer willing to accept the missed opportunities.